Galaxy Ninja Course Four

Galaxy Ninja™ course 4 is our 90′ x 30′ x 18′ headroom (28m x  9m x 5.5m) course. at 90′ long Galaxy Ninja™ 4 is one of our most challenging courses, in total there are five motorized mechanical obstacles.

Galaxy Ninja™ 4 is an island course which spectators can watch the fun from three sides.

Both Ninjas stand at the start point at the top of the entrance stairs, they press their designated player color button to activate the STOP-CLOCK and the race is on. They are confronted by the motorized obstacles whilst trying to maintain their balance; once they complete the main course they are confronted by The pièce de ré·sis·tance, the dual lane Adrenalator™.

Each Ninja must race up the Adrenalator™, at the top they hit the STOP button to register their time, then exit down the slide.

Their time is displayed on the 55″ monitor, have they been fast enough to set the “Best Time” of the day?

Galaxy Ninja™ Features

  • Five motorized rotating obstacles, Two Walk the Plank, one Sweeper and two Rotating Paddle wheels
  • Electronic control system
  • One dual lane Adrenalator™ our giant treadmill.
  • Two inflatable Drop Kick slides off the Adrenalator™ plus two safety air bags
  • Custom fully padded modular surround
  • Entry/exit stairs
  • Hanging punch bags
  • Hanging giant balls
  • Safety inflatable floor
  • Aluminum Truss system

Galaxy Ninja™ Electronic Features

  • Four color lighting System
  • Sound effects
  • Electronic scoring system with top five all time score
  • 55″ Scoreboard Displays


  • 90′ x 30′ x 18′ headroom
  • 28m x  9m x 5.5m headroom