Galaxy Ninja™ is a motorized adventure action course where Ninja Warrior meets Wipeout!


Galaxy Ninja’s innovative and patent protected obstacles offer a challenge like no other.


Galaxy Ninja motorized adventure actions courses can be configured to fit in any space.

Galaxy Ninja™ Motorized Adventure Warrior Courses

Where Ninja Warrior meets Wipeout!

Galaxy Ninja has you covered. Are you looking for the next big thing in your trampoline park? In your family entertainment center? In your bowling alley? In your resort? Look no further. Contact us today to start developing your ideas with us!

Did you know...?

Did you know that Galaxy Ninja™ is part of Galaxy America Inc., an established company in the entertainment industry for over 28 years? Learn more about Galaxy America at

Galaxy Ninja™

The concept of Galaxy Ninja™ is to create an interactive adventure warrior course that anyone over 4′ (1.2m) tall can participate so all the family can take part and have fun!

  • Electric interactive motion obstacles
  • Control system
  • Safety inflatable base cushion
  • Aluminum truss system
  • Suspended hanging obstacles
  • Foam/vinyl padded steel framed surround
  • Interactive electronic timer/scoreboard
  • Light and sound effects

About Us

Galaxy Ninja™, the latest innovation created by Galaxy America Inc., was born to create epic, outrageous obstacle courses for fixed locations such as trampoline parks, family entertainment centers, bowling alleys, and resorts.

With our expertise in the entertainment industry through Galaxy Multi Rides, being the creators of very successful action games such as Toxic Meltdown and Toxic Trampoline Meltdown™ -which have been a huge success in trampoline parks around the world-, Toxic Drop, Toxic Rampage, Toxic Twister, and Adrenalator™, Galaxy Ninja™ can help you build your dream Ninja Warrior Course, to grow your business clientele, and keep on bringing them back for more and more challenging, fun entertainment.

Our products are recognized throughout the industry and renowned for their success and quality.

  • Innovative

    The Galaxy team have 80 years experience in the amusement/entertainment industry. We are renowned for our innovative products and have created some of the most successful games in the industry.

  • Multiplayer Attractions

    We understand the importance of keeping your customers happy, therefore all of our attractions are multiplayer games that have a fast throughput, ensuring everyone gets a turn; thus keeping your customers happy.

  • Recognized in the Industry

    The Galaxy brand is recognized throughout the industry as one of quality and innovation; the customers satisfaction is our priority.

  • Made in our Factory

    Unlike many other companies in our industry we manufacture everything in our own factory, this enables to guarantee the quality of our products.

Why Choose Galaxy Ninja™?

We have watched with interest the increasing popularity of the Ninja Warrior courses. Ultimately, they are all the same: aluminium truss with suspended upper body challenges and floor mounted obstacles/challenges.

This type of activity is perfect for a more athletic person, but the average patron in a trampoline park would struggle to compete or not even bother to try. The majority of trampoline parks are family orientated, reason why the concept of Galaxy Ninja™ is to create an interactive adventure course that anyone over 4′ (1.2m) tall can participate, so all the family can take part and have fun!

What others say about us

Stephanie Eldridge

Having been a customer of Galaxy multiple times buying the Toxic Meltdown we always looked to Galaxy for the latest new innovative ideas.

We are so excited to be installing not one, not two but three Galaxy Ninja courses in three separate Launch Trampoline locations. The mix of motorized elements with the inflatable safety floor make it a game for all of our guest can play. We saw the Adrenalator at IAAPA and we were looking for a way to incorporate it into our park, now three of our parks will have them.

Robin and Mike have been so great from the start and we look forward to doing more business with them.

Stephanie EldridgeLaunch TrampolinesLaunch Trampoline
Barry Zelickson

Our Toxic Trampoline Meltdown systems have far exceeded our high expectations in all of our locations. Guests are paying extra to go on the Trampoline Meltdown over the free trampoline bays which are located next to it.

Before we took delivery I had the pleasure of meeting Robin and Mike in Florida at their factory to take a look at the product, then when we received the game, installation was simple and straightforward.

Barry ZelicksonBig Thrill FactoryBig Thrill Factory
Brett Morrow

Just wanted to drop you note of thanks and an update from our summer with the Adrenalator™ and Toxic Meltdown Lite™.  What a GREAT addition to our park Jumpin Fun Sports!!

I knew from the beginning discussions with Robin and Mike that they would be a home run and we knocked it out the park with these two new elements of FUN.  Your handling of the process from start to finish was very professional as well as the confidence I have for any service we would need in the future is comforting.  The installation and layout of the two devices was spot on. Thank you again and we are hopeful to add another Galaxy product in the future.

Brett MorrowJumpin Fun SportsJumpin Fun Sports
Neil Lewis

Being the largest indoor trampoline park in the UK, people look to Jump Street to lead and innovate. This is what brought us to work with Galaxy, the quality and innovation of the games.

We started out with Toxic Drop inflatable while we developed our Ninja course area. A conversation with Mike on what could we do differently in the large space we have lead to a site visit and the concept of Galaxy Ninja was explained. We can get a bigger, more innovative exciting course (with motion) for less than some other quotes for standard Ninja courses. We were sold!

In addition to the Galaxy Ninja course we installed a Toxic Trampoline Meltdown which sits pride of place in the centre of our Chelmsford location. Thanks again to Mike and Robin for your friendly professional service.

Neil LewisJump Street UKJump Street UK